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About Us

Elsie’s Luxury Cards is a treasured family-owned business, rooted in the UK, spanning three generations. We specialise in crafting personalised Greetings Cards of unparalleled quality, serving customers across the globe.

Our products are not mass-produced but instead, crafted
individually by the skilled hands of our dedicated team. Each card is printed and manufactured in-house, in our small workshop in the Yorkshire Dales. This hands-on approach allows us to ensure that we consistently deliver only the highest quality to our customers.

At Elsie’s Luxury Cards, we are not just merely producing cards - we’re endeavouring to create authentic heartfelt sentiment, to be delivered all around the world. Each card we create is imbued with a fragment of our British heritage, a hint of the Yorkshire Dales’ charm, and an abundance of affection.

In essence, this isn't just about selling cards - its about delivering joy, one card at a time.

  • Elsie's Cards

    We are a family business of 3 generations est. 2018. We design & create personalised greetings cards for amazing people everywhere.

  • Made by Hand

    All of our Cards are made by hand ensuring a more luxurious look & the finest quality finish every time.

  • Personalised by You

    Customise our designs with your words to add a more personal & memorable touch.

  • Crafted in the Yorkshire Dales

    From the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, we deliver a small taste of Great British quality to people all around the world.